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  • Posted October 3, 2021
    Alec grabs my jeans and adroitly slides them off as he unhooks my bra. He grabs me from the desk chair and pulls me to the floor in front of his desk, even closer to the door. He lays me down, spreads my legs, moves my arms above my head, and climbs on top of me, pinning both my arms with one hand. He’s still fully clothed, and I feel his erection pulsating through his pants, as he moves on top of me. He releases my hands, but I leave them above my head, reveling in the submission. With him fully clothed and me almost naked, I feel exposed and at his mercy — powerless, under his unbroken spell. I find myself filled with a desire to satisfy him, tame his needs. He begins to slowly work his way down, lingering over breasts and nipples, biting and sucking them almost savagely. It’s pleasure and pain together, driving me higher and higher. He kisses my stomach and playfully bites as he moves down to my thighs. He nestles his head and takes a deep breath. “Anna, your body. It’s like a goddess’s,” he says, caressing each thigh with his mouth, setting my nerves aflame. He slowly works his way up, closer and closer. He starts kissing me over my panties with a fury, his tongue licking the lace, wanting in. The feeling of the moist fabric makes me writhe up and down, as I push my cleft further into his mouth.