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    I feel like people would mock me for trying to become an autho

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    Asked On : December 27, 2022

    So, I'm writing a few books at the moment. I really want to become an author when I'm older, but I'm much too shy to email a proper author about what to do or show it to many people. I really feel like people would mock me for aspiring to be an author, but I'm really tired of people ignoring me, especially people I want to impress but don't really notice me. Can you help with this? Is anyone in a similar situation?


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    This is a great question! I can relate because I am also a young author (I'm not gonna say my exact age but I'm younger than eighteen). My advice to you is to not listen to what other people say, because if you do all you're going to think about when you sit down to write is what you can't do instead of what you can. subscribe to get emails from informational blogs for writers in general. If you scour the internet enough, you can find some really good places to learn from, even if you aren't willing/able to pay. Just keep your head up! If you practice long enough and keep writing, you can become great.