Fashion faux pas are common mistakes which one can make while getting dressed for an occasion or an event. Whether it is wearing clothes which should be ironed or unironed clothes or even revealing one's inner garments through one's outfit. A fashion faux pas can ruin ones near-perfect outfit on any given day.

But can fashion faux pas be avoided? Can one avoid the embarrassment that comes with the faux pas? Well, the first and foremost thing that one must remember in order to avoid fashion faux pas is to ensure that one's clothes are always fresh, clean and well fit.

Wearing ill-fitted, over-seized or even dirty clothes for that matter can easily make you look unprofessional, be it at an occasion, social gathering or workplace. According to fashion experts, wearing clothes of the right size and paying attention to details is the success to avoid fashion faux pas.

Here are some of the common fashion faux pas made by men and women that can surely be avoided:

Wearing the wrong size: As an individual, it's important to wear what makes you look noticeable. Even if the clothes make you feel comfortable but they don't fit you, avoid wearing them. On the other hand, women who buy the wrong size in the hope that they will slim down to a smaller size must remember that if you keep buying clothes which don't fit you, then one day, you may end up with a heap of clothes sitting in your wardrobe which you can't wear in the near future.

Not paying attention to details: While dressing up for the occasion, one must note that there's a thin line between being classy and trashy and it would be a huge mistake if you don't pay attention to details. Clothes with holes, frays, wear, and tears can be a minor flaw but can be a big deal breaker as it can easily ruin the vibe of your outfit.


Inappropriate accessorising: While accessorising is good, sometimes, less really is more. Necklaces will make you look beautiful, statement earrings are to die for and hair accessories are great, but when you wear them all at once for an occasion, it can get a bit tacky and overwhelming. Also, it is very important to wear the right accessory for the right occasion. Paying attention to colours and how well they match with your outfit overall can go a long way.

Being occasion inappropriate: Being occasion ready and knowing what to wear and where to wear it is the most important rule of fashion. The worst thing that one can do is to be under-dressed or over-dressed for the occasion.

It is very important to be involved in what you wear and how you wear for your fashion essentials. It is important to get involved in the way you dress up for any occasion. The more involved you are, the more confident you will be.

In order to avoid fashion faux pas, one must pay attention to details like ironing the outfit well, packing detailed outfits separately, prepping it, storing it, and cleaning it is very important. Make sure you also follow the garment care and wash care instructions.