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Technology is a boon or bane

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      March 30, 2020 1:23 PM PDT
  • I feel technology is a boon, since its advantages are overshadowing the disadvantages.
      March 27, 2017 10:08 PM PDT
  • Albert Einstein had said: “I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”

    As things stand today, technology is improving virtually every day at an unbelievable speed. It is reflected in the phenomenal expansion in the field of social networking with the help of cellphones, computers, Facebook etcetera.

    Undeniably, this development is making things easier and handy for us. These gadgets have proved to be the most effective means for creating mass awareness. As such, they have become a rage with people of all age groups, predominantly the youth.
    One of the greatest advantages offered by Internet is the saving of paper that was otherwise needed for printing statements, writing books or storing enormous amount of data. Now, one need not buy paper and then preserve them carefully for the future. Internet does it all — and for free.

    Isn’t it a heart-warming experience for a soldier posted on the war-front to see his just-born child in some hospital and talk to his wife live on the screen via Skype and the like? They betray the same emotions on the screen that they would have expressed if they were together. Or for that matter, imagine the feeling of grandparents in India on seeing their grandchild born in the US! What a noble thought indeed! Thanks to technology.

    However, there is a flipside to it. Technology has made our relationships totally impersonal. We are getting distant. Now, instead of greeting and embracing somebody, we send an email, or an e-card or even an SMS. And the job is done. Where is that warmth of a hug or the few words of love and affection spoken face to face or over the phone?

    For almost all users, these gadgets have become an addiction. People clutching a cellphone in the palm or communicating through earpieces while walking or travelling is a common sight. Statistics shows that an average user possesses two sets, the other one waiting in the pocket for its turn to be taken out.

    Even at night, the inseparable cellphones rest by the side of the user’s pillow. They give company everywhere — even inside the loo! Compulsions of the times! People keep clicking it most of the time, giving no respite to the poor little thing. In fact, they become restless if it does not ring for a brief period.

    An instrument provided by a company to its executive does not allow him a sound sleep because a call from the boss could drive him out of his bed on an assignment. If not the boss, SMS jokes, ads or wrong numbers could harass you at any time of the day or night and drive you mad.

    Yet another baneful aspect is that those who remain glued to gadgets for long hours invite obesity and related problems and more importantly damage their vision.

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