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Baby Photoshoot

$200.00 / 1 Hour

Baby Photoshoot

Photoshoot & Videography
Capture Your Baby's innocence through the lens of our Female Photography team. We create amazing and beautiful setups in the comfort of your home. All female photographers. Shoot done at your home.
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Expert Photography team

These people are amazing with the babies. They surely can bring the best out of your li'l one

Carried out over 400 Baby shoots
With a vast experience, our team is sure to give you the best results.

Photoshoot in the comfort of your home
We understand that it is very difficult to travel with your new born and hence we come to the comfort of your home for the shoot

Props by Desire Photography
We carry all the props required for the shoot.
All we need from you is a double-bed on which we create all the setups.

Media Featured
Desire Photography has been widely acknowledged by all the major media houses for its work : Hindustan Times, NDTV, The Week among others

Memories with Parents
Why wouldn't the parents be a part of the shoot. They are the reason the baby is here!