Photoshoot & Videography


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Maternity Photoshoot

$200.00 / 1.5 Hours

Maternity Photoshoot

Photoshoot & Videography
Female photographers that are approachable and comforting for the mommy-to-be. Best Natural Light Photography team of Delhi. First of its kind Photography team. Props provided by Desire. Top-notch Editing. Types: Maternity Shoot, Birth Shoot, Pre-Birthday Shoot.
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All-Girl Photography team
They know how to make you look your most beautiful self in your photos.

450+ Maternity Shoots
With a vast experience, our team is sure to give you the best results.

Media Recognised
Desire Photography has been published by all the major media houses : Hindustan Times, NDTV, The Week among others

Natural Light Photography
Done during the Golden hour of the date for a dreamy fairytale effect in your photos

Props by InfLens
The elements that jazz up your shoot and also are fun to play with

Experience of a lifetime
We believe a photography session is more than just clicking a camera. It is also about the overall experience of the clients.