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Tips to Collect and Earn New World Coins

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Tips to Collect and Earn New World Coins

Posted By igvault nwcoins     October 15, 2021    

Are you ready to enter a New World? Like any game of this style, you will need in-game currency to buy the items you need. Knowing how to access this currency is essential to your success within the game. If you want to learn how to build your New World Coins , keep reading for the best tips and tricks.


Questing in an MMO is the most basic way of making an income. New World’s quests range from:

Side quests

Town projects

Faction quests

All of these quests give about the same coins and experience, so choose either that you prefer. Using this as your only means of coins income would be inefficient. Instead, use questing as a guide for zones to farm in so that you can complete missions while gathering resources.

With all things, it comes down to efficiency. Complete quests while farming resources is the best way to make New World coins fast.

Gathering Resources

Aethernum's world is littered with various gathering nodes. You can collect and sell materials such as lumber, stone, steel, or something more valuable to other people. You could make some significant money if you have a lot of resources, especially if the resources you give are hard to come by. Different ingredients are required for crafting by players at all times.

You can focus on one of two primary gathering strategies:

Only collect rare resources. They are usually more difficult to obtain, but the price per piece/stack is usually high. The drawback is that as you level up, you gain access to rare materials.

Collect low- and mid-level items. This is normally a lot easier to obtain, but the reward per stack is also a lot lower.

Make some calculations before heading to the nearest gathering node and starting your journey to millions. Determine what resources are in high demand on your server and respond accordingly.

It's vital to note that when an MMO game first begins, the server economy is usually unbalanced. Even for low-quality items, the pricing may be exorbitant. Pay attention to the market and don't let an opportunity pass you by. If you believe something is overpriced and it is in your inventory, don't ponder about it for too long. It's best to sell it before the price drops.

Selling Loot

As you subdue your enemies, you are free to loot their territories, take away their valuables, and trade them with the vendors. This works in the same way as when farming WoW Classic gold.

Looting is a sure way to earn you some coins in New World. However, before you trade the loot with the vendors, you should consider sorting out necessary gear from other loot. The reason being, you would make more coins from selling the looted gear to a fellow player than a vendor.

The goal here is to make more coins, which calls for evaluating the loot to make the most of it.


Using these marketplaces generates large amounts of coins in New World for those who know how to play them.

Each zone is weak in some resources and strong in others, and on top of that, they have separate marketplaces. Essentially, you want to farm in one zone and sell resources in another zone. Following this tip will be a major benefit to anyone wanting to farm New World coins. New World is still early in development and things may change, but as it stands, this is how most people are getting their in-game currency.

Finally, buy new world coins from online safe store

All these are ways you can farm for New World Coins. However, if you are looking for an easier way to get the coins, is your best bet for an affordable and timely supply of coins.