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Picking your smartphone encryption solution \u2013 what matters the most?

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Picking your smartphone encryption solution – what matters the most?

Posted By Rosie Joy     May 29, 2019    

When we want to get an encrypted cell phone we could easily get confused. We may not know which encryption solution to choose and which ones to leave out. There are so many options before you and do not think that just because there are so many options before you it is easy to select the right encryption application. Contrary to what you think having too many options before you would only make things complicated.

What are the most important features your smartphone encryption solution should have? To start with, check whether the encryption tool that you would like to use safe in the first place. There are security companies that sell customer’s encryption key to the marketing companies. Make sure such risks are not present with the security solutions that you are choosing. It is best if the access codes are generated at your end. This will put your smartphone security totally in your control. Not many people are aware of the importance of this particular feature due to their lack of experience in this field. If you are in search of an application that comes with this feature then go ahead with SkyECC.

The next important factor that you need to take into account is the email encryption. Is the email encryption tool that you are using safe and does it provide you with complete email encryption or does it offer only partial encryption? What do we mean by partial email encryption? With most of the email encryption tools the email header is not encrypted. Most of the applications are designed only to encrypt the email body. Do not take risks in this area thinking that it is just the email header. The header information in the wrong hands could wreak havoc.

You would also want image transcription as one of the basic features. Lately smartphones are used in business transactions and communications. Loads of scanned documents are shared in business communications. Going ahead with a tool that does not have image transcription would put you in a disadvantageous position. So make no mistakes in this area. There are security applications like Sky ECC which have this feature then it would be a mistake not to pick such applications or tools.

You would also want to make certain that the smartphone security application allows you to send self-destructive messages. Your chat communications leave a lot of trail online and someone who is after these messages can reconstruct these messages and misuse the information found in those messages. When you use an encryption tool that lets you send self-destructive messages then all the server trails could be deleted. The messages sent will delete themselves from all the locations including the servers and also the recipient’s phone.  

Most importantly, do not rush to pick any security application you need randomly. Take time to review as many security applications as you need to before finalizing your tool so that you can be 100% sure of your own online safety.