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Hygiene Kits \u2013 The right sourcing strategy for fund raising

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Hygiene Kits – The right sourcing strategy for fund raising

Posted By Rosie Joy     October 29, 2018    
If you have chosen to raise funds for some noble cause selling hygiene kits, you need to first learn how to source these kits. You will not be able to achieve your fund raising goals without having the right sourcing strategy in place. So do not rush to buy the kits before you learnt how to get the maximum mileage out of your initial fund raising investment.

When you want to raise funds you will certainly try to get the lowest possible quote for the hygiene kits. You are on the right track by doing so because you will need to spend as little as possible but generate as much money has possible. What most people do is to find the highest discount possible for the hygiene kits that they would like to use for the fund raising project and try to mark up the price heavily. So if that is what you too are trying to do then you will need to hold on for a moment. Instead of trying to find the lowest priced store to order your hygiene kits, you could slightly change the approach by ordering the kits from a wholesale hygiene kits store.

You will be anyway requiring the hygiene kits in large quantities. The wholesale prices will help you save 90% on the initial product cost. It will not only reduce the overall initial investment required but it will also help you achieve your fund raising goals faster. You will not have to price the hygiene kits exorbitantly high but just price it for the regular market price. This will encourage more people to buy the kits from you. Not everyone may be equally motivated to give to charities. You will be able to make even such people to participate in your fund raising program by pricing the hygiene kits to match the market price.

While ordering the hygiene kits from a wholesale store, you will need to make certain that the quality of the products you order is exceptionally good. At times you will come across inferior quality products in the wholesale market. You should not settle for such inferior hygiene kits. Therefore you will not have to screen your wholesale suppliers carefully before ordering the kits. You should always order the best quality supplies at the cheapest prices.

Finding a wholesaler who has been in the industry for several years will prove to be very useful. Someone who is well established in the industry will know where to source their inventory and they will have access to the best suppliers which in turn will help you get the best quality supplies. So, do invest your time wisely screening your suppliers. If you rush to order the hygiene kits in the last moment you are likely to make mistakes. Get started with your search for the products well in advance so that you may have access to the finest quality hygiene kits at the most reasonable prices.

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