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  • Posted By : Natalie Ivanovic
  • Posted On : Jan 25, 2019
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  • Description : Education is an important part of human life. Education gives meaning to our life as it enables the growth and development of our mind and intellect. An educated society is an enlightened and empowered one. Such a society can make well-informed choices in its social, political and economic welfare. Education, therefore, ensures social justice, economic strength and political freedom. In the absence of education society remains backward.


  • One who is educated possesses the knowledge and awareness to live life meaningfully in harmony with other humans and the world around. Through the role that education plays in the mental and intellectual advancement of individuals, it also helps in the physical, emotional and spiritual growth of the persons. Study and learning transforms the life of a person. Education is imparted through teachers at various levels in educational institutions.

    Education is the backbone of a socially, economically and politically just and strong society. Through education social disparities and maladies can be wiped out to a great extent. Injustice against women, the poor, the minorities and the backward can be done away with if all children and youth are afforded education. Education serves to enlighten people about their rights and duties to society and the nation. Education can thus help in transforming people individually, and through a cumulative effect, the society.
    Education must be given top priority by every country. All children and youth of a country must have access to education. Through universal access to education, society can make progress swiftly and peacefully.